What are Amulets and how to get started with them

Amulet is one of the main assets of Goldmand when it comes to mining. It gives players random bonuses that they would want for their mining setup. This is made for the convenience of players when it comes to playing.


Amulets will work as follows: starting from level 3, every odd level will give players an access to an Amulet Slot, which they must unlock by paying an amount of Mining Resources (MR)

Amulet Slots will share the same space as a Tool Slot, players can switch between Amulet and tool by clicking on an icon, but players will need to unlock both slots independently.


When a player begins to mint Amulets, they will randomly receive 2 bonuses from the following list:

a. Mining Time Increase

b. Consumption Increase

c. Stamina increase

d. Stamina Regen

e. Renting Cost Reduction

f. Durability Cost Reduction.


In order to use an Amulet players will have to link it with a Tool. Some bonuses will be global, but others will affect only the linked tool / slot.

Example: Amulet Consumption Bonus will apply only to the linked Tool (because itโ€™s an individual bonus). Instead, the Mining Time Increase will be applied directly to the TOTAL Mining Time of players Mining Hub.


When players link an amulet, it will also take the Mining Stats from the tool and function as a double of it. So, if they have 1 Legendary Tool linked with a Legendary Amulet, that will be like to have 2 Legendary Tools + the Amulet Bonuses.

However, players will need to make sure to link their Amulet with a Tool of the same rarity. Otherwise, the Amulet will lose effectiveness except Artefacts, which due to their ancient power can imitate any tool of any rarity with their full potential.


The Durability of an Amulet will depend on the rarity of the tool that it is attached to. And remember, each mining attempt will consume a durability point and when it reaches zero players will have to repair the Amulet with Resources.

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