How to start

To start the game, each player of Goldmand needs to create an account. The account will be linked to a wallet (like anchor or cloud) from where the player will store his in-game assets and confirm transactions. Players can choose from the three races to start playing the game. There are three main resources that players are able to mine depending on their race. Food, Energy, and Minerals. It is important to take note that each race can only mine and produce one resource.

In order for users to start playing Goldmand, they must have at least one tool for the game. These in-game tools can be purchased through our scheduled sales. Atomic Hub is also an alternative marketplace to purchase such tools and assets. Another way to acquire these items is through giveaways that are to be announced through various channels such as Discord, Twitter and Instagram.

Government Tax

If a player wants to change their race. They need to pay a government tax and everything will be reset on their account, only the mining resources will remain.

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