Staking resources

on planets

Players can stake GMD and MR (mining resource) on planets to earn a mining bonus.

Planet Staking Mechanics is simple. Staking your hard earned resources in the planet treasury will earn you a mining bonus. Amplifying your mining capability helps you gain more resources in less time.

In Goldmand, the pooled staked resources of your chosen planet has a Diminishing Threshold. You can only stake so much because after you reach the threshold, it becomes more of a liability than an asset.

There is an optimal bonus in staking. This is also the point of diminishing returns. Staking in increments after reaching this threshold gives you smaller and smaller bonus power. The only thing you should remember is that unstaking resources takes 72 hours

Players are more familiar with the term "softcap". As opposed to a โ€œhardcapโ€ wherein bonuses are completely cut off after the cap, softcap leaves the decision to player as to when they want to say that itโ€™s no longer worth it.

Goldmand provides players with the chance to earn more mining rewards through Staking Resources.

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