In the initial stages of Goldmand game development, players will already be able to play with just tools. During this initial development, we are going to introduce lands where all three races can get maximum mining power.

Land is one of Goldmand limited assets that can be obtained by participating in our sale event or through purchasing in a secondary market such as AtomicHub Marketplace.

Lands will increase players' mining power and mining charge time. The supply of land is also limited in quantity. Each land will be notable for its special function. Landowners will have to choose one of Resources what will stake a certain amount of GMD or their mining resource to activate the increase in mining power. Each landowner will earn a commision fee from other players that will mine on their land which is chosen by their owner land settings. Every time a player mines on a piece of land, a default of 1% mined resources is paid to the landowner. The maximum commision will be 10%

The landowner is able to deduct a commission fee from miners. By default, the commission is set up to 1 up to 10% on all lands. (Land commission percentage is configurable by the landowner)

Lands mining power and charge time will depend on their rarity and amount of GMD and MR (mining resource) stake.

RarityAvg mining multiplierCharge timeGMDMining Resources


0.10 - 1.00


1:10 000

1:100 000


0.90 - 1.50


1:10 000

1:100 000


1.40 - 2.00


1:10 000

1:100 000


1.90 - 2.50


1:10 000

1:100 000


2.40 - 3.00


1:10 000

1:100 000


To unlock commission features, landowners must stake up to the maximum amount of resources on their land treasury to reach the maximum percentage of commission fee they can earn from other players that mine on their lands.

If a landowner does not meet the maximum amount required, this will reflect on the percentage of the commission fee he will earn.

For example:

Land treasury requires 10,000 GMD. Landowner stakes 1500 tokens, he will unlock 1500 / 10 000 = 15 => 15 / 10 (total commission) => maximum commission 1.5% can be set.

Landowners will also have the power to choose which token they will want to earn commission from (GMD or Mining Resources)

If they choose GMD they will receive commission over mined GMD of their worker.

If they choose Mining Resources they will receive their commission in MR but commission will be calculated only over their difference between consumption and total minted

For example:

0.13 + profit = 0.14. So calculation will looks 0.14 - 0.13 = 0.01 => 0.01 - 1.5% = 0.00015

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