Goldmand has 4 tokens.

Goldmand is a special resource. This resource is scarce and hard to mine. It can only be mined from all three races. The RNG amount per mine is in the ratio between 0.1% and 3% depending on other resources that are mined or burned.

Players needs to remember that GMD mining works on a % chance based on their level:

lvl 0 chance to receive GMD = 50%

lvl 1,2 = 60%

lvl 3,4 = 70%

lvl 5, 6 = 80%

lvl 7, 8 = 90%

lvl >= 9 = 100%

So itโ€™s very important for players to level up their account to have guaranteed GMD rewards per mine.

GMD will be tradable on Alcor and soon will be listed on pancake swap as the game develop further while we aim to bridge Goldmand to Binance Smart Chain to reach broader audience.

GMD token is the native currency in Goldmand. There is a max total supply of 10,000,000,000.

The total max supply of mining resources (GMF, GME, GMM) is 50,000,000,000,000 but its supply is regulated by a burning mechanism of the game. It can deflate in a specific time window depending on the gaming activities. Consumption of mining resources will depend on tools that players are going to mine with. On this table it shows what kind of tokens are needed and produced by each asset. The main idea of this is that all races need other races' tokens. In this case, the trade between players is a must. Every race will produce only one of three tokens.

VariantPercentage of consumptionResources consumptionReward

Variant 1

80% / 20%



Variant 2

50% / 50%



Variant 3

20% / 80%



R1 = Resource 1 (example GMM) R2 = Resource 2 (example GME) R3 = Resource 3 (example GMF) GMD = Goldmand

Tokens liquidity will be added as soon as p2e starts.

Dumping curse

This curse will activate if a token is performing badly. To make the token catch up from the other tokens and keep the balance of all, some races will not be able to mine mining resources for 3 hours but they can mine GMD for free without consuming mining resources. If the token is still performing badly, another 3 hours of dumping curse will be added and there will be other circumstances that the dumping curse might take effect for 24hrs. This is to ensure all tokens will perform with balance and prevent some of the tools to earn negative.

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