Crafting Mining Tools

Crafting of tools can be found on the Laboratory menu tab. Goldmand has introduced new ways of crafting mining tools.

Crafting by recipes

Recipe crafting will ask players for 3 tools of the same rarity in addition to the token cost. Players will get 2 tools of the higher rarity. This change is intended as an option for those who already have some extra NFTs in their inventory, and for those who want to gradually upgrade their NFTs.

Crafting by tokens

Players can now also craft items directly and only with Tokens. This will allow newcomers who are joining the game to easily reach the Alcor market, buy the tokens they need and mint what they want.

Crafting time reduction

From now on, players can reduce their crafting time by spending GMD + MR in the following proportion:

1 GMD + 10 MR = 1 hour.

Curse time

Curse time is an additional crafting cooldown. This will activate depending on how many players will craft a certain tool and this cursed time will stack up.

For more clear understanding, if 10 people for example craft an item that has a 1-hour normal crafting cooldown + 60 seconds curse down then the next cooldown will be 1hr and 10 minutes. This is to prevent abuse on crafting.

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