Get whitelisted by our limited one-time use whitelist pass. Back on December 25th 2021, the team issued a free 1100 magic passes that contains the following:

a.) 2% Drop of choice whitelist pass The drop of choice whitelist pass will let you choose which sale you want to get your wallet whitelisted. It could be used on tool sale, amulet sale, land sale, or character sale.

b.) 5% Land whitelist pass This pass will give you access to our land sale. This pass will only have about 55 in circulation, only 55 lucky people will have a guaranteed pack on our land sale.

c.) 50% Tool sale whitelist pass This will give you access to our tool sale. It’s important to note that our tool sale will be happening soon!

d.) 20% Character sale whitelist pass Character pass will give you access to our character sale. Characters will be your heroes in our upcoming PVP game feature! Heroes will also give you an additional mining bonus.

e.) 10% Amulet sale whitelist pass If you have an amulet pass. You will be whitelisted on our limited supply amulet drops!

f.) 13% FREE DROP access to our chosen drop To show our gratitude to our early investors. Whoever owns this pass will be given access to our special free drop that might contain rare, epic, and legendary tools.

Each and every type of whitelist pass will be stackable. If someone owns a 3 tool sale pass, he will have 3 claims.

To our dear 100 Early Explorers and 22 contributors: To show our thanks. We are giving these people guaranteed access to all of our sales. They will be put on round 1 sale on our tools and resources chest sale which gives them a guaranteed claim for each chest.

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